Brindley's Mill

Discover this mid eighteenth-century working corn mill celebrating the work of James Brindley, millwright and canal engineer renowned as the pioneer of the canal system in Great Britain. Dating from 1752 the mill has been restored from a derelict state by the Brindley Mill Preservation Trust and is the only known corn mill attributable as the work of James Brindley.

Brindley's Mill has all the charm associated with a building of the period and illustrates James Brindley's trademark design.

The mill building houses a museum designed to enhance the interest of your visit. Displays illustrate the life and work of James Brindley and the history of milling, while preserving the atmosphere of a working corn mill.

Experience the sight and sound of a moving waterwheel powering machinery and millstones and admire the genius of the millwright and the skills of the miller as you explore this fascinating building.

Take advantage of personal guided tours offered by informative and experienced stewards renowned for their enthusiasm and friendliness.

Alternatively you can simply wander through the mill at your leisure and discover more about the history of James Brindley.

Opening Arrangements 2023

The mill is open until the end of September as follows:

Sunday 9th and Monday 10th April.
Sundays in May.
Sundays and Wednesdays in June, July and August.
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September.

We will also be open for Children’s Day on Monday 7th August.

Opening times are 2pm to 5pm, last admission 4-30pm.

Any queries please email

Special Events

Sunday 14th May National Mills Day – free admission for all.

Monday 7th August – traditional fun activities for children including gnome hunt, aquaplay, colouring, corn grinding and quiz. Free admission for children accompanied by a paying adult.

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September – Heritage Open Days. Free admission for all.

Opening times as above.

Admission Charges

Under 5's:
Age 5 - 18:
All adults:
English Heritage Members:
half price
£1.00 per pupil
Teachers and helpers:
Other children's groups:
£1.00 per child
Group leaders and helpers:
Private Parties:
£3.00 per person

Consider This

Our working water mill can offer much more to the 'real' visitor than to the 'virtual' visitor. A visit to us can offer the multi-sensory experience unavailable by any other means. A working mill, producing meal, vibrates, throbs, rumbles, creaks and grinds: you can feel it. It has a special aroma; a unique atmosphere. There is no substitute for the real thing - and our guides make your visit extra special.

However, guides become history themselves. Without new guides the future of Brindley's Mill is threatened. and a 'virtual mill' could be all that's left.

Join the Trust!

By joining the Brindley Mill Preservation Trust you would be supporting its work promoting knowledge of James Brindley and the part he played in Britain's industrial development. You don't have to become actively involved in order to be a member.

Membership of the Trust is by annual subscription and enables you to participate in our governance and keep in touch with our activities.

Membership is available in 3 categories:

Student/retired member - £5.00
Individual adult - £8.00
Family - £12.00 per year.

Members get unlimited free admission to the mill and two newsletters each year.

Download Membership Application Form

Want to get involved? Come and join us!

If you have time to spare and would be interested in becoming a steward, or using your skills to help maintain the mill, or helping with publicity or fundraising or even research then we would be especially pleased to hear from you.

Stewards manage the mill during opening hours and offer guided tours to individual visitors and groups. Training is given to enable stewards to develop their knowledge and skills.

If you think you would like to become a steward come along to the mill to see what's likely to be involved and what commitment is needed. You'll be very welcome

Finding Brindley's Mill

Brindley's Mill

Brindley's Mill is on the A523 Leek to Macclesfield road about half a mile from Leek town centre marketplace.

Parking is possible in Abbey Green Road, close to the mill.

Set your Sat-Nav to ST13 8FA.

Also, the nearby Sainsbury's store currently gives Mill visitors an opportunity to park, as well as get refreshments, and of course do a bit of shopping! Please be aware that Sainsbury's car park has a 3-hour parking limit in place. You'll find the store on Churnet Way, off the Macclesfield Road, and just a few hundred steps from the mill.